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            Pinheiro 1000/PMA Series

            The 1000 series planer molder is specifically engineered with the sawmills, wide plank flooring mills, and larger log cabin manufacturers in mind.

            This machine has easily accessible and adjustable heads, which provide quick changeover for short runs and multiple patterns per shift. Four to six 5,300 - 6,300rpm spindles provide a higher grade finish than older style 3,450rpm spindle machines at the same feed speeds or the same finish at higher feed rates. Each head has its own Star Delta motor to provide maximum power for minimum operational cost. Deeper profiling on this planer molder allows for extreme log cabin patterns including rounds up to 9-1/2" in diameter. With an aggressive Cardan Feed System, this machine provides the ability to mill large timbers with low maintenance costs.

            Wood Planer Molder

            General Specifications

            • 10" x 20", 12"x 20", 10" x 34", 12"x 34" capacities available
            • 20 - 130fpm or 30 - 180fpm feed ranges available
            • 1/2" min. thickness, 1-1/2" min. width

            Optional Enhancements:

            • Pre-planing head for removing excess thickness or cleaning dirty material on top face.
            • Removable heads for quick changes between straight planing and profiling.
            • Out feed device for single piece feeding of timbers and other products.
            • 16" thickness capacity (two sided only)
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