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            Kalin Timberwork Series

            The  planing machine Kalin is especially designed  for timbers, log cabins  wide plank flooring, & retail products.

            Planing width, net  20"
            Planing thickness, net 12"
            Feed Speeds 16 to 98 FPM
            Weight 12,000 lbs.
            Wood Planer Molder

            Modern technology:

            • Soft Starters with DC brakes for all motors
            • PLC SIEMENS S7-1200
            • Touch-Panel Control
            • Pre-selection control of planing width and thickness
            • Extractable planer heads, with optional exchange shafts
            • Optional   4-sided chamfering system or 5th spindle
             Motor Horse Powers by Customer Request:

            Feeding: 6 motors @ 2,5 HP ea. 15 HP
            Bottom: 18 to 30 HP
            Top: 18 to 36 HP
            Right vertical spindle: 18 to 36 HP
            Left vertical spindle: 18 to 36 HP

            Fixed or 'floating' vertical spindles standard on all machines.
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